Friday, December 12, 2008

Fifteen Minutes of Anonymous Fame (or, You Never Really Know What Happens with What You Type)

Approximately seven years ago, I posted a sleep-deprivation induced comment to an IRC channel.

Tonight, I was bored enough to conduct a search on my old handle.

That comment is everywhere.

And, by everywhere, I mean either sex-related or computer geek least, those that maintain some sort of quotes archive.

It is also, apparently, a popular .sig file line.

Too bad I can't claim copyright and charge everyone who has used it... I could probably live comfortably for the next year or two.

If you're interested in the quote, just Google "nytwind" (yes, by god, it was cheesy, *CHEESY* handle... and it's still in use today on my livejournal, because there are just too many people who know to find me using that nym).

Editted: No, thankfully, not all the Nytwinds out there are me. Some are even a bit more silly than I was... and I wouldn't have thought that entirely possible. I just thought I'd state that for record. Some of them make me wish I had never used the nym.

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Museice said...

I like that.
Good quote!